The Community Care Team (CCT) is a network of adult natural helpers in the West Towns communities of Elburn, Sugar Grove, Maple Park, Virgil and Big Rock. CCT members receive specialized training in how to effectively listen, respond and refer friends and neighbors for help. It also includes an overview of common mental health and substance abuse disorders and how to most effectively get help for these individuals.

Once trained, CCT volunteers may be called upon to help out in one of COCS outreach programs or to help a struggling neighbor in need. When a call comes in to Conley Outreach that requires hands on assistance, we call on the groups that have been trained to determine their availability to help. Examples of past volunteer activities include our Good Samaritan Clothing Closet, Food Pantry Meals program, and helping residents with flood damage, lawn care, and companionship needs. Equipped to listen and refer, these volunteers provide valuable support to our community.

COCS staff members are available to come to your business, church or organization to provide this free 3 hour training session. From Scout and 4-H leaders, to church volunteers and library staff, anyone who works with the public in a helping role can benefit from this information. Trainees also receive a resource notebook with local agency contact information to help them link others up with the services they need.

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